Pet Art Idea

Well, since mid December I have been working at a Dog Hotel/Daycare.  I love this job for the simple fact that I am working with animals and not humans. Don’t get me wrong, they can get attitudes and have bad days just like us, but at the end of it all, I feed them and they (most of them anyway) are always willing to give a cuddle afterward.

During my time at the hotel I have photographed dogs that I like or find unique or ones that seem to like the camera.  I will be posting some here and was wondering if any of my readers (if any, since I am so random with my posts) could tell me what they(you) think of making work out of this idea…

I plan to paint some of the ones that have a nice composition or are just intriguing. If I can find work in New Hampshire (My boyfriend and I are moving there in less than 3 weeks) at a doggie daycare, I’d like to photograph peoples pets in their element, instead of in a strange studio with boring sheets.

I suppose the point/question is:

If I were to make prints of these or paint them, do you think people would buy them? Would you purchase something like that of your pet?

Please feel free to respond!


Pets Are Checking In

I read in Herb Greenberg’s blog that a hotel in California, called The Doubletree, is now allowing people to check into the hotel with their pets. Greenberg’s original blog gives the details. The hotel was going to allow pets soon, but due to the fires in California, people with pets needed a place to stay , so the hotel started their new pet friendly environment earlier than expected.

I have a feeling that many more hotels are going to start allowing pets. People love their pets and like to bring them on their trips out of town. When I was younger and my family wanted to take a trip, the most stressful part of leaving was where to keep the animals. It was usually the pet factor that determined whether or not we would actually take our trip. Hopefully we have not heard the last of resorts, hotels etc. allowing pets into their facilities.

Fired Animals

The fires in California have not only forced people from their homes; animals have been relocated as well. The pets whose homes have burned down have no beds, no collars, no food or toys. Noah’s Wish partnered with Station Casinos to hold a donation event on Oct. 25 and 26 in Red Rock Casino’s parking lot.

Donations were accepted of all kinds, i.e. collars, food, cages, leashes, food dishes and sheets. All the donations will be given to the animals/pets that have been evacuated from the effected area. It is dangerous for anyone to remain near the fires.

Travelers with breathing problems also should be aware the air quality remains unhealthy in much of the area; San Diego’s harbor and downtown area is hazy with smoke.

I will soon be interviewing a member of the staff at the San Diego Zoo. I am interested to see how the air quality is for the animals, and what kind of plans the zoo has to evacuate the animals if necessary. I will be recording this phone call and posting it as an audio clip, a.k.a. podcast within the next week.

Ellen Solution

ellen.jpgIs there something wrong with giving a dog to a loving family? What if there is a contract binding the dog to the previous owner? Should rules matter, if the dog is happy? What is your take on Ellen DeGeneres’ issue?

A week or so ago, DeGeneres gave an adopted dog, Iggy to another family. This link provide the story and a picture of Iggy. DeGeneres had adopted Iggy from Mutt’s and Mom’s, a non-profit adoption agency (I would have given a ling but they deactivated their site due to an overload of mail). Iggy did not get along with DeGeneres’ cats so she found Iggy another loving home with people, whom she knew. The big problem is, the agreement DeGeneres signed stated that Iggy was to be returned to the shelter if there were any problems. DeGeneres did not do that. So what to do?

I think it would be only fair to treat Ellen the way any other human being would be treated for violating this same rule. Consequences are required by the adoption center to show consistency with rules. Just because she is famous does not mean she should be treated differently. She did find Iggy a good home; regardless, rules are rules and DeGeneres should be punished accordingly. However, I do not think Iggy should have been punished.

Why was Iggy removed from the home. In my opinion, if an animal is safe and happy, everything possible should be done to keep that animal in that condition. Why couldn’t the adoption agency evaluate the family and be sure that the family was good for Iggy. This would have saved the stress on the animal. If the family was not proper for Iggy, then remove him, but do not remove an animal from a happy home unless it is necessary. I think better steps could have been taken.

Pet Adoption: Follow Up


It is hard for me to walk through an adoption center and see all the cute faces. I always end up feeling like a I want to adopt all of them. It has always seemed mean to give the animals false hope. I always thought it would be easier, emotionally, to be able to learn about the adoptable animals without having to tease them or myself. I am sure it is just as emotionally hard on the animals, to see a person and not go home with him/her.

Previously, I suggested adopting a pet from the ASPCA, to help save the animals that still have a chance, instead of breeding more animals just to have a new one. I have recently learned that the ASPCA has a website called the adoption center. This web page has photos of dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Once you click on a photo, a description of the animal’s training, habits, and their ideal home appear. If an animal appears to be one you are interested in, you get a link to step by step instructions to start the process of adopting that animal.

This website could be a beginning of a smarter way to adopt an animal. I hope that all of you give it a look and tell as many people as you can about adopting a pet from the ASPCA. Be sure to let them know that they can do it online!


24-7 HELP!

My roommates Meg, Denai and I were driving to Meg’s parents house to check on their black Labrador, Toby. Meg’s parents had gone to Texas to visit family and needed Meg to give the dogs food and water for the weekend.

Hold on, back up the story. Two days previous to this visit, Meg’s pet pug, Otis, died from, what seemed to be, bleeding to death from his rectum. Meg and our other roommate Michelle had gone to check on the pets that night, and found Otis, barely alive, under a bush. Since he was small, they were able to lift him into the back seat of the car and take him to an emergency veterinary clinic. Before Meg left, she gave Toby food and water. Otis did not make it, and Meg had to break the news to her parents over the phone.

Now, you are caught up to where I came in. Meg, Denai and I got to the house to find Toby lying, seemingly dead,in the same spot that Otis had died. Meg was hysterical and Denai is not very fond of being near animals. That left myself alone to check this animal, and try to save it if possible. We had no one to call, because all shelters and veterinary hospitals were closed. We got a hold of one woman at the same emergency veterinary clinic that Otis was taken to. She tried to help us, but she could not definitely tell us what to do with this, rather large, dog. She could not come help and she could not see the state that the dog was in.

Finally, we called a twenty-four hour pick-up service, and asked him to come help us. We had to bring the dog to the clinic and he was way to heavy for me to lift alone, and he would not have fit in the backseat of Denai’s car. This “pick-up” man came and helped me bag the, now clearly deceased, pooch. We lifted him into the van, and followed him to the clinic. It was a long, stressful and emotional night.

I would like to suggest a new type of blog/online service.

I recently commented on the ASPCA’s blog: Chat About Your Dog’s Health With ASPCA Vet–Today. The article announced that there was an animal specialist available online, at the ASPCA’s blog website, for concerned dog owners to consult with from noon to 2 p.m.. This two-hour event sparked my interest. I got a load of ideas flowing into my mind on how there can be help for dog owner’s constantly.

I think the ASPCA should open a 24-hour chat room focusing on pet health. I think that once the word got out, the website would be very successful. I know in my case with Toby, and Meg’s event with Otis, this online service would have been very helpful.

The website could have Frequently Asked Questions, and an Instant Messaging system, for urgent messages. With this website, all pet owners, experienced and new, that have the internet, would know for certain that help is available when needed. If the veterinarian on call needs to see the animal. Pictures are able to be downloaded to computers and assist the pet owner with that.

I hope this can be done. If anyone is interested, please comment me, and we can try to make this idea a reality!

For your information, it was later found that both of Meg’s dogs died from the nationwide food poisoning that happened the spring of 2007.