Escort Driver Job Scam

I was searching for some quick money jobs, that didn’t require my getting naked. I stumbled upon a link that read $300-$500 per shift, for driving escorts around Las Vegas. The website had a phone number (818-857-2489)and an email (TRANSPORTERS00@YMAIL.COM) to contact them with.  The add promised $300 at the beginning of your shift in cash, then after tips, usually accumulate around $500.

When I first called, the woman answered asking when I would like to work. I told her some time during the following week. She told me to call the day I wanted to work. I asked her if I could use my own car or if I was supposed to use the company car and she told me either one would do.  I called the woman the following day since I got out of work early, she asked me if I had $300 to give to them and I told her no. She then hung up the phone.

I have tried to make any scam type job I come across known to public or at least make the information publicly accessible. I feel like us innocent job searching folk should stick together. I hope this article helps someone to avoid forking over $300 for nothing. Here is a website of comments about this woman and her scams.