Have You Ever Thought of Adopting?

Pets are great! I think everyone should own one in their lifetime. The Humane Society helps and houses animals that may have been neglected or lost. I always encourage people to visit the Humane Society when thinking about buying a pet. The animals may not be fresh out of the womb, but they need homes, and they can give just as much love as the next animal.

I remember my mother calling my home early from a weekend with my dad when I was four. Being young and stubborn, of course I whined about it; regardless, I did not have a drivers license, so I did not have a choice. My dad told me that my mom had a surprise for me, which resulted in an instant attitude change.

When I got home, my mom was there waiting for me on the sidewalk instead of on the balcony of the apartment. I waved goodbye to my dad, wondering what could possibly be inside. My mom walked me up the stairs that were too big for my legs. Now that I am older I realize she was trying to drop hints of what was inside the apartment waiting for me, but at the time I was too excited to hear, let alone understand what she was trying to tell me.

I opened the squeaky front door and entered the cluttered living room. When my eyes finally turned the corner, my eyes opened wide and my cheeks stretched into the biggest smile imaginable. There, being held by Mike, my mom’s boyfriend, was a little, black, fuzzy puppy! I had never seen such a present in my life. The with white tipped ears and a white spot on her chest, the black lab mix just stole my breath away.

The puppy struggled to break free from Mike’s hold and come investigate the new intruder. I threw my jacket on the floor and immediately crouched to her level, hugged her tight and let her kiss me all over. She jumped and barked and rolled around on the floor. I remember asking, “Is she mine?” “She is ours,” my mom said, “but you can name her.” I named her Lady, referring to the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp. From then on she was my partner in crime.

My mom got Lady from the Humane Society. I did not know what that was when I was four, but I knew it was special because of the way my mom talked about it. The Humane Society always keeps their animals updated with shots, healthy, happy and ready for you to take home. So please if you are thinking about owning a pet, consider adopting one first.