halloween-10Sonja Corliss is my name. Photography and animals were my game; when I graduated from UNLV in 2009. Animals, dancing and the great outdoors are still some of my passions. I have since moved back to my home in New Hampshire, met and got engaged to my man, gave birth to my son, Ethan and moved to Tennessee. I have allowed my photography to take a ride on the style coaster. Originally wanting to specialize in nature and landscape photography, I have found joy in photographing weddings, portraits and maternity. It is amazing what each day can mean to any person, and even more amazing how it can alter your future as you see it. I have not given up on photography, if anything I have expanded my interest to painting and design. Now that my son is no longer a newborn, I am able to adjust my focus to include my own career as well as the one I established as his mother. I have contemplated the idea of creating my own greeting cards. I have more than enough photos in my repertoire and have a good hand at poetry. The future holds many opportuniteis, I have only to grab one and run with it!


One thought on “About

  1. Mike P January 30, 2010 / 3:31 am

    Sonja, please contact me about the job issue. I’m providing the authorities with as much information as I can about dear Sara. If you play poker…or not…you can private message me there or my listed email.

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