Sonja Lea Photography

Last year, I had my first paid photography experience. I was and assistant photographer for the Jumper Classic in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. I shot multiple candid photos of the children’s corner, VIP sections, contests, vendor tents and press photos. I worked under the company Flashpoint Photography. I am very grateful and honored to say that I am getting the same opportunity this year, as one step up in the photography spectrum. I will be shooting the jumpers and their horses. I am pleased to say however, that I will be shooting for the woman who got me the job last year, Tammy Hardy!!


I have also taken the job as the wedding photographer for two weddings of close friends of my siblings. For no charge but at no expense of my own. I am doing these two for no charge only, and no others so I can build my portfolio and work on starting my business! I am also in the process of making a pricing sheet, which I know will change over time. I am hoping to book another wedding for this year…paid! With all this activity in my soon-to-be career, I have felt very inspired to get things going despite the awful economy.


I hope that if you are reading this, you can take a moment to check out my facebook page. The more people who now about it the better. My own web page will come soon enough, but until I have a steady flow of income, facebook will have to do! Thanks for reading and keep at your dreams, things do turn around eventually!


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