Possible UTI Instigator

I was visiting with a friend a week ago for some home made Sangria. It was delicious, but that is not the point of this article. We were discussing different ways to make the Sangria, and I brought up how to make it with white wine. She told me that white wine causes her to have UTI‘s (urinary tract infections).

She said that she would drink it on Thursdays with her husband and a few days later she would have a UTI. She went to the doctor and they recommended she cut white wine out of her diet, just to eliminate that as a possible cause.  When she stopped drinking the white wine, she stopped getting UTIs.

So just as a precautionary note for women everywhere. If you are someone who gets UTIs often and also drink white wine, try drinking red or rose instead, and see if it helps. Do not get me wrong I love wine, this article is not meant to badmouth and white wine or their makers, however a woman’s health is often misunderstood and complicated, so here is a just a suggestion that without my friend I never would have though of.


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