Looking for a Resolution…

A  fellow animal lover and myself have come across this website…


We would like to know if the website is a scam or not.  There are no credentials or contact information. But the people who are “running ” it, took time to organize a website from yolasite.com.

Just hoping to get the word out about our curiosity and hopefully get some answers from anyone who may have used this site.  Please comment and fill us in.

In addition, I would like to reassure my readers that I am not calling this website a scam, I am simply looking for information about it.

So if the website owners do stumble upon this blog, I apologize for any negative activity I may have caused (maybe you can clear it up).


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Resolution…

  1. NIKI February 9, 2010 / 10:17 pm

    Sonja, tag these email address if you can, along with the names Kelli McAdams and Debby Lukason. I really almost got burned this time. No more for me. If it isnt close enough to drive and pick up, its not for me. I am going to copy and paste some of the emails, along with another website that i found that has people commenting on scams, which is how i realized the one i was dealing with was a scam.



    “Debby Lukason” Add sender to ContactsTo: niki3839@yahoo.comHello,
    I am sorry, your response to my classifieds ad came late.My adorable babies were adopted the same day i posted the advert.But, let me refer you to a co breeder who asked me to get a quality and caring home for her three puppies.Her puppies just arrived in time before valentine.Her name is Kelli, I want you to contact her immediately on her email kellimcadams44@gmail.com, before someone else adopt them.Tell her that the breeder she asked to get a good loving home for her puppies referred you to her and please let me know when you adopt from her so i can thank her on your behalf.
    Thank you and Best of lucks.

    Kelli, hello. I contacted Debby ( a breeder) about a bulldog that she had. She no longer had it, but forwarded your email address to me because she said you had pups available for v-day. I am very interested. And if you could send me some pictures and a little information that would be wonderful!

    I have two males and one female French Bulldogs for adoption. I am giving them out to good homes for adoption. They are 9 weeks old.This litter conformation is excellent, they would be great for show or just a wonderful pet to love.I’ve raised these babies in the house with lots of love. So they are very socialized and have wonderful personalities.
    My babies are well socialized with kids and cats; up to date on shots and worming and current on vaccination. Each of my puppies will be coming with the Carrier, health certificate, vaccination and worming records, Akc registration papers, pedigree, tips on care and training.
    I do want someone with love and open heart for pets to adopt these angels,one who is very affectionate towards children and pets.
    The cost of adoption of the Female is $350. While the male is $300.
    Shipping to any location is $200.Where are you located?
    Get back to me asap.

    In summary these people will suggest another “breeder”: so it seems legit, and then they want you to go to walmart and do a money gram. If you look over the website attached at the bottom, you will see some other scams as well. I want to get this out there, this is the 3rd time for me, and this one was tooooo close for comfort.


    the one that looks exactly like mine was posted by AMITT aka Anna, about half way down the page


  2. Elizabeth January 26, 2011 / 3:42 pm

    Today is Jan. 26th, 2011….. I’m currently dealing with a scam person which has sent the exact emails to me as above!!!
    Got an email stating that “my babies are gone, please email this other breeder ASAP” and once I emailed the other person – almost WORD FOR WORD got the same reply.

    Thank you for posting this information because NOW I KNOW IT’S A SCAM!!

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