Thanks to All!

There are so many comments on my recent scam blogs, that I was finding it hard to reply to all, so out of thanks for all the searching, copy-pasting, and commenting, I blog again!!! Please tell everyone you know about this scam artist! Let them know to search any info they can about the job they are applying for!!!  Keep cautious and thanks again!!!


One thought on “Thanks to All!

  1. Mike P February 6, 2010 / 2:04 am

    When dearSara found out I was on to her by this email:
    Before this goes any further, there is no need for a vopy of my credit
    report inapplying for a job. Therefore, one will not be provided.

    If you are still interested in interviewing me, you will first need to
    provide me with the following information:

    Corporate address and phone number
    Local address and phone number
    Copy of licinse to operate a business in the State of Nevada
    Proof Business Liability Insurance issued by the State of Nevada

    If you cannot/will not provide these items, you need to cease operations

    If you need a real job, my plow horse needs a vacation. I’m sure I can fit
    the harness to your neck, and I’ll pay you with non-exsistant money and
    throw in some hay.


    Well needless to say not another word from Dear Sara, and I do have an open issue with the FBI’s internet crimes unit. If anybody wants to join in this and has either hard copies of all the emails they received, or have them saved (like I did), please contact me,


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