Change of Heart

For the past two years I have been taking photography classes at UNLV which  focuses on the fine art aspect. This semester a commercial photo class has been offered by Sergio Checko to help the students at UNLV get a wider range of education and practice.  I have completely fallen head over heels for this type of photography.  We have had three assignments so far and I have felt very strongly about the outcome of each one. The first was just a play with lighting, shadows and shapes, the second was food, and the third was headshots of our classmates.  All done with hot lights and reflectors!  I have always been more prone to documentary photography and attracted to landscape and wildlife photography, but was never able to act upon it because the classes I was taking required me to search my mind for fine art.  I have no problem with what I have been taught so far; in fact, I am glad that I was pushed to explore fine art before jumping right into commercial, it made me appreciate what other people can do. However, now that it has been introduced to me,  I am very excited to say that I have found my niche.  I will always shoot in documentary form and somewhat in fine art, since my eye has been trained to view things in this way, but my focus will be to shoot commercially for local people and hopefully a magazine.

I would love to work for National Geographic some day. I do think that with more experince I will be able to do so.   I decided to take four more classes in different fields of commercial photography after I graduate in December 2009.  I will be attending CSN to further my knowledge in the field of my future career.  When I open my own freelance photography business, it will be called Nativelea Photo. Keep an eye out and hopefully I’ll see ya soon!


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