Dawning of a New View

It has been a while since I have last written, but I feel it necessary to give the world an update on my new perspective on photography.

There have been many life changing events this summer for me, and they have all impacted me in an emotional and artistic way.  In my Intermediate Black & White photography class, I used a lot of control in my work and not a lot of feeling.  Don’t get me wrong I like the work I have done; each photo shows a little bit more of my learning experience.  This semester I am enrolled in Advanced Black & White Photography with Catherine Angel and I have already used a new method for my shooting.  I plan to incorporate my feelings into the photo; therefor, creating a more emotional experience for my viewer.

Now that I am living on my own, with no roommates and only the person on the phone as my company, I have had more time to myself to analyze what I would like to convey in my art.  I have always told people that the whole reason I photograph so many things is because I like to share the feeling I felt at that moment with someone else.  Then I realized I was not putting my heart into my work, I was simply doing the assignments.  Which may get me a grade, but it won’t make me proud of my work. Although I have recently gained a new feeling of confidence and appreciation for my time in Las Vegas, Nevada, my heart lies in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and I miss it dearly.  So why shouldn’t I show that in my work?  I should that is the point.

As soon as I get a moment to digitally photgraphy my new print style I will pot some pictures and hopefully get some feedback; positive or negative, I appreciate both.


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