Marine Cruelty and Public Expression

I never understood why people would harm an animal; they are defenseless and vulnerable. Not that I want people to see the event, but this video is vital to the seriousness of this act. One marine has clearly shown the world how he has chosen to represent himself as a person of the U.S. military. What kind of sick person kills something so innocent, and not only that, he videotaped it! I am glad the act was witnessed, so he does not go unpunished. But it is sad to me that now the marines are going to be stereotyped more so than before. This one marine, if we shall even call him that, has tainted the views of many Americans with this act of cruelness. I do not know what sort of punishment is in hold for this man, but I hope it is enough to alter any future decisions of animal cruelty made by military personnel.

The public deserves the right to express themselves about this horrific incident. If anyone should like to contact the Marines Public Affairs, his name is Major General Robert E. Milstead, Jr, director of public affairs, and this is his email address: These specifics were derived from a blog written by the ASPCA.


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