Joe the Bulldog

My grandfather, or Papa , Joseph Plumer passed away on December 9, 2007. He was a very sweet and encouraging grandpa. He got a kick out of me calling him Papa. He would sign his holiday cards as Papa especially for me! Him and I shared a passion for English Bulldogs. I would buy a Zelda Wisdom Calendar for him every Christmas. He always wanted to own an English Bulldog, but never had the chance. When I was last with my Papa, I told him that I would own an English Bulldog some day and I would share it with him. Now that I can not share my bulldog with beloved Papa, I made an ode that I would name my first English Bulldog Joe. It saddens me to know that he is gone. I cry from time to time knowing that I can not call and hear his laugh on the other end. He was already cremated and his service is over; however, the burial of his urn must wait until the ground has thawed in New Hampshire. When my family buries his urn, I will place a Zelda Wisdom book and a copy of the sonnet I wrote for his service in with it. I miss and love him a lot. Someday my bulldog Joe and I will go and visit my Papa at his resting place. Until then, Rest in Peace.


My Papa Joe and I

Photo Taken by Jessica Plumer.


2 thoughts on “Joe the Bulldog

  1. Jessica Pumer January 2, 2008 / 5:21 am

    Oh Sonja what a beautiful way to remember your Papa naming your first bull dog “Joe”. He would get a real yankee kick out of that. He was very proud of you and your accomplishments. You were special to him and Nanny Rena. As you mentioned he will be looking down at us and keeping us safe and give us divine guidance that will make us ask, “what would Papa do?” Keep up the good work and I also am very proud of you.
    Thinking of you always, Love Mom

  2. Egyptian Omar April 25, 2008 / 9:29 pm

    I think that you are a very loyal person andI hope you get over it and I suggest to you to breed bulldogs because they are really sweet

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