iChat Lasica

Monday night, Charlotte Anne Lucas and her digital storytelling class at UNLV spoke with, social media icon, JD Lasica through ichat. He spoke with us about the benefits of our class and how awesome it is that Charlotte Ann Lucas is willing to teach us. The things our class covers are very modern, involving blogs and incorporating audio/video into them and most teachers that Lasica has come across want to steer clear of these things.

Lasica is a co-founder of ourmedia.com; this website allows people to upload and publish their own videos, photos, audio and text. He told us about some of his upcoming projects. There is going to be a website called bid-for-bid, and it will allow people to create job listings as well as apply for them. Each applicant will bid for the job and the most qualified “bidder” will be offered the position. This website should be open within a week or so.

Lasica also informed us of a new section of ourmedia.com that will be unfolding soon. It entails users being able to create their own portfolio with the media that they have created using ourmedia.com.

He gave us some pointers on what will be important to know and what type of journalism will be useful in the near future

Lasica also wrote about our discussion on his blog. Thank you JD!


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