Donation Canelation

I want to work with the ASPCA; however, since UNLV does not offer any sort of veterinary program I have had to resort to donating money until I can physically make a difference.

For the last year I have donated $18 a month to the ASPCA. It adds up I know, but it was the least I could do to keep myself involved. I loved knowing that I was helping animals in need. Today, as much as I hated the idea, I canceled my monthly contribution. I never thought I would have to, but being in the financial situation that I am, it was not practical to continue donating this bit of money every month.

Anyways, I never thought how much this small donation effected my emotions. I am truly heartbroken that I cannot afford to donate anymore. I give great appreciation to all of those people who give charity and donations throughout their life. Giving to the needy is so under-rated. I hope to continue donating as soon as I can afford it. It the mean time, if you are interested in donating 60 cents a day to the ASPCA, I suggest you give it a try. You will not believe how good it makes you feel.


2 thoughts on “Donation Canelation

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