Fired Animals

The fires in California have not only forced people from their homes; animals have been relocated as well. The pets whose homes have burned down have no beds, no collars, no food or toys. Noah’s Wish partnered with Station Casinos to hold a donation event on Oct. 25 and 26 in Red Rock Casino’s parking lot.

Donations were accepted of all kinds, i.e. collars, food, cages, leashes, food dishes and sheets. All the donations will be given to the animals/pets that have been evacuated from the effected area. It is dangerous for anyone to remain near the fires.

Travelers with breathing problems also should be aware the air quality remains unhealthy in much of the area; San Diego’s harbor and downtown area is hazy with smoke.

I will soon be interviewing a member of the staff at the San Diego Zoo. I am interested to see how the air quality is for the animals, and what kind of plans the zoo has to evacuate the animals if necessary. I will be recording this phone call and posting it as an audio clip, a.k.a. podcast within the next week.


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