Photo Shoot

I recently had a photography assignment to play with lighting and fabrication in my pictures.

Lighting refers to ways of using light, other than the flash or natural lights. Different colored bulbs, sheets over lamps or saran wrap, are few of so many options.

Fabrication is a term photographers use when they are describing a photo that may be lying to the viewer. For instance, if someone photographed a classy high-heeled shoe sitting on a rock overlooking the Grand Canyon, the shoe would be sitting where a human would normally be sitting, hence the picture is lying to the viewer.

So to experience with the lighting, I bought a black light bulb, an orange light bulb and some glow-in-the-dark Halloween makeup at the 99 cents only store. I covered my boyfriend in Ghoulish makeup and asked him to model for me. He was a good sport. The black light photos did not come out as nice as I had hope, but it was all a learning experience. The orange came out very spooky, very Halloween.

Anyways, the point is that I did not realize how much an effect lighting can have on a photo. For example, if someone is sitting on the floor smiling, it may be sooting if the photo has a yellow tint, like sunshine. However, if the photo had a deep red light, the photo would seem sinister and creepy.

I always knew colors speak to people in different ways, but since this was my first time using spotlights and colored lights, it really blew me away. You should try it sometime, its cheap and you can get some great photos.


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