Ellen Solution

ellen.jpgIs there something wrong with giving a dog to a loving family? What if there is a contract binding the dog to the previous owner? Should rules matter, if the dog is happy? What is your take on Ellen DeGeneres’ issue?

A week or so ago, DeGeneres gave an adopted dog, Iggy to another family. This link provide the story and a picture of Iggy. DeGeneres had adopted Iggy from Mutt’s and Mom’s, a non-profit adoption agency (I would have given a ling but they deactivated their site due to an overload of mail). Iggy did not get along with DeGeneres’ cats so she found Iggy another loving home with people, whom she knew. The big problem is, the agreement DeGeneres signed stated that Iggy was to be returned to the shelter if there were any problems. DeGeneres did not do that. So what to do?

I think it would be only fair to treat Ellen the way any other human being would be treated for violating this same rule. Consequences are required by the adoption center to show consistency with rules. Just because she is famous does not mean she should be treated differently. She did find Iggy a good home; regardless, rules are rules and DeGeneres should be punished accordingly. However, I do not think Iggy should have been punished.

Why was Iggy removed from the home. In my opinion, if an animal is safe and happy, everything possible should be done to keep that animal in that condition. Why couldn’t the adoption agency evaluate the family and be sure that the family was good for Iggy. This would have saved the stress on the animal. If the family was not proper for Iggy, then remove him, but do not remove an animal from a happy home unless it is necessary. I think better steps could have been taken.


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