Pet Adoption: Follow Up


It is hard for me to walk through an adoption center and see all the cute faces. I always end up feeling like a I want to adopt all of them. It has always seemed mean to give the animals false hope. I always thought it would be easier, emotionally, to be able to learn about the adoptable animals without having to tease them or myself. I am sure it is just as emotionally hard on the animals, to see a person and not go home with him/her.

Previously, I suggested adopting a pet from the ASPCA, to help save the animals that still have a chance, instead of breeding more animals just to have a new one. I have recently learned that the ASPCA has a website called the adoption center. This web page has photos of dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Once you click on a photo, a description of the animal’s training, habits, and their ideal home appear. If an animal appears to be one you are interested in, you get a link to step by step instructions to start the process of adopting that animal.

This website could be a beginning of a smarter way to adopt an animal. I hope that all of you give it a look and tell as many people as you can about adopting a pet from the ASPCA. Be sure to let them know that they can do it online!



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