Animal Chips?

In  Nandankanan Zoo, in Orissa, India, elephants have been micro-chipped. Initiation of the micro-chipping began on Oct 7, 2007. The chips are supposed to help the animal caretakers take better care of and be more knowledgeable of the animals. The next animals to be micro-chipped are the lions and then the vultures. Zookeepers think that the micro-chips will help them to track the animals that are being conserved for breeding purposes. Each chip has a number to identify the animal.

I am not going to say this is wrong. I am all for the conservation of animals and learning as much as we can. However, something does not seem proper about putting little computers into animals. I think maybe I am apprehensive about it because it is new, and we do not know for sure that the chips are not affecting the animal in any negative way. I hope that we can learn from these chips without any bad consequences for the animals. There have been some studies, linking the micro-chips to tumors in lab rate and mice and some reports say that the chips have caused cancer in some dogs.

These chips are also being put into patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. I would hate to see people or animals suffering because the human race is curious or because humans are trying to prevent diseases from taking their toll on the elderly.


One thought on “Animal Chips?

  1. forwardglance October 10, 2007 / 5:13 am

    It seems that the more the human race comes up with the more problems that come with it. Thousands of years ago when there was not a lot of technology people had less problems. Now that we messed up, we are trying to fix it but that has its consequences…

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