Comfort Dogs?!?

I saw an interesting photo, taken on Sept. 11 by Ira Block, chosen by the National Geographic as “Photo of the Day”. The photo’s caption described the use of the Golden Retriever as a “comfort dog”

The lesser known of New York’s canine heroes, comfort dogs, such as this golden retriever, help soothe those affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Similar to search-and-rescue dogs, comfort dogs travel to disaster scenes to aid relief efforts. Studies show that people experience physiological changes—such as a drop in heart rate and blood pressure—when they pet animals.

Until now, I had no idea that dogs were involved in the emotional comforting of distressed humans. I thought this was so phenomenal, I had to share with the online public. It really is amazing how influential animals can be. This picture was, I thought, very moving. It is lightening to know that we as humans will always have someone beside us in times of such despair.


3 thoughts on “Comfort Dogs?!?

  1. Rob Ponte September 14, 2007 / 12:13 am

    Yeah thats cool, but what about that jackrabbit photo? now if that doesn’t speak to the soul I don’t know what does.

  2. dancerslc September 17, 2007 / 6:54 am

    Jackrabbit? I think maybe you are referring to the vizcacha photo. It is a close relative to the chinchilla. If I am mistaken, would you please direct me to the correct photo? Thanks!

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